Pete's Small Engine
2578 South Hwy 59
Marshall,  MN  56258
(507) 537-1780
Quick Specs
  Ground Speeds - Fwd/Rev
  Tires - Front
  Tires - Rear
  Fuel Capacity
  List Price
  Pete's Discount Price
  Briggs & Stratton
  21-hp, V-Twin Vanguard™ OHV
  Pump and Wheel Motors
  11 x 4-5
  20 x 10-10 (4 Ply)
  14 gallons
  Welded 7-Gauge Steel
Big, Professional Mower
The 450Z features a mower deck built from 7-gauge welded steel. It’s designed to stand up to the toughest mowing jobs with high performance spindles and rugged gauge wheels.
Dual Pumps and Wheel Motors
A rugged commercial drive system makes everything easier. Each drive wheel is independently powered by its own fan-cooled Hydro-Gear pump and wheel motor for better control with extra power and durability.
The Pros Like It Easy
Commercial lawn cutters demand the best from their mowers. The 450Z offers comfortable seating and controls that are within easy reach, including a foot assist mower lift that’s easy to raise and adjust.

The 450Z Series offers homeowners features that are typically found only in mowers the professionals use.


   * Twin-lever controls are adjustable for extra comfort
   * Heavy-duty 7-gauge welded steel frame and mower deck
   * Hydro Gear fan-cooled dual pumps and wheel motors
   * Big 11-inch front caster wheels and 20-inch rear tires
   * 18-inch deluxe seat with arm rests, easy access to all   
   * Two 7-gallon fuel tanks—14 total gallons
   * Electric PTO
   * Seven-position foot-assist height-of-cut adjustment

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